More ready than ever to change the town. Versatility is key.

Introduced in 2016 our CROSSWAY URBAN range is already seeing exciting upgrades for 2017. We’ve added the 7000 carbon fibre model which is one of the most modern bikes in the MERIDA line up. Our aluminium range have had some impressive modifications taking the usability of the URBAN to the next level. The look of the bike is improved with a new top and down tube, but this change is not just cosmetic it improves frame stiffness as well. Some models are already equipped with integrated mud guards, (all models have the ability to fit mudguards). With 40mm wide tyres delivering fantastic handling in all conditions and theft proof axles the CROSSWAY URBAN is prepared for the day to day job in the city.





Rust free bolts

Day-to-day usability at its best. All bolts and fixings on our new CROSSWAY URBAN generation are rust free – for a long and exciting city life.


CROSSWAY URBAN bikes are bikes for every day and for every eventuality. That’s why we don’t push for loosing every last gram if it means that we might have to sacrifice performance. Rim brakes are simply less powerful in comparison to their disc cousins in particular when it gets wet. That’s the reason why our 2017 CROSSWAY URBAN range comes equipped with disc brakes throughout.

Extra fittings

Side stand and/or rear rack perhaps? No problem. Thanks to our ‘K-Mount’ and ‘C-Mount’ the CROSSWAY URBAN range comes perfectly prepared for the fitting of extra equipment.

Top integrated mudguards

Mudguards are not everybody’s cup of tea. While they are almost indispensable for some, they simply look wrong for others – even if it means getting wet. With new mudguards, specifically designed for the CROSSWAY URBAN family, we have managed to perfectly integrate them so that more and more riders will say ‘yes’ to staying dry.

Theft proof axles

Wheels stolen? Not from the CROSSWAY URBAN. Our new generation comes with theft proof axles as standard.

40mm tyres

Nomen est omen: The CROSSWAY URBAN is a bike for the city. That’s the reason it comes with highly comfortable 40mm tyres, offering super traction and extra safety.


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