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“Exploring the Unknown” is the name of the latest video project our Gravity rider Hannes Klausner brought back from a trip to the Cape Verde Islands. This is just one of many adventures which he, Alban Aubert, Dominik Raab and Tanja Hendrysiak have had during their travels around the globe so far. Because whenever the task at MERIDA is to realize breathtaking missions on our HARDY dirt bikes or on the long-travel models ONE-SIXTY and ONE-EIGHTY, these “Magnificent Four” are 
flying our flags.

The brand MERIDA is currently distributed in 77 countries all around the world. Therefore we know quite well that our beautiful globe does offer millions of fascinating places worthwhile travelling to – more than ever “by bicycle”. So to us, the outstanding commitment of our MERIDA Gravity riders means much more than just an advertising platform. In fact, Tanja, Hannes, Dominik and Alban manage to enrich the MERIDA world by another exciting factor: gorgeous adventures. Because the photos and videos showing our bikes in highly impressive settings such as the Cape Verde Islands, Barcelona, San Francisco or Cambodia are not just snapshots. Instead, they are remembered and memorized. And they manage to trigger the great feeling that all MERIDA riders are part of a bigger picture. More motivation is not possible.

But our four Gravity riders are not only known for the production of impressive travel stories or also for their role as models in the context of MERIDA catalogue and video shoots: For instance, Tanja Hendrysiak’s successful 4X career has so far been crowned by winning the 2012 European 4X Cup. And besides Danny MacAskill as star of the scene, Dominik Raab does not only range among the world’s best rials pro riders: Already in the young age of 18 years, he won the title of Austrian National Champion in trials. With their comprehensive know-how and extensive experience, Tanja Hendrysiak, Hannes Klausner, Alban Aubert and Dominik Raab therefore accomplish another extremely important task for MERIDA: They are supporting our competent R&D experts in the efficient refinement of our Gravity bikes again and again. A great idea which finally is a benefit for all. Surely for you as well.

“Repeatedly, it is incredibly exciting to see which stories Tanja, Alban,
Dominik and Hannes experience on our bikes all around the globe.
In fact, this anew triggers once more the good feeling: I want this, too!”

Reynaldo Ilagan, Product Manager & Marketing MERIDA Gravity

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