The playful Enduro bike with built in shuttle service.

When Enduro is mentioned words like ‘uplift’, ‘shuttle’ and ‘bikepark’ spring to mind. Enduro riders normally don’t shy away from an uplift. Enduro bikes are first and foremost fun bikes with climbing ability and lots of reserves for when the going gets rough. Our clever engineers have taken the brand new ONE-SIXTY and added a built in shuttle service: the eONE-SIXTY! This 160/160mm Enduro full suspension with its all-aluminium frame delivers all the latest features like complete internal cable routing with ‘Smart Entry’ cable access. Due to 650b+ tyres, Boost Standard wheels, Shimano E8000 STePS motor and fun focussed agile and playful geometry (reach for a M frame is 440 mm) our eONE-SIXTY is a thoroughbred enduro and scores as highly as the non-powered ONE-SIXTY when it comes to trail fun. Now the question is: – order a shuttle or simply pedal to the top?




The geometry of our performance bike says it all: 440 mm reach (Size M), 439mm chain short stays, 75° seat and 66.5° head angle – you simply can’t squeeze more fun into an eFull Suspension.


The eONE-SIXTY is a pure enduro. Full Stop. Naturally it comes with a fit for purpose chain guard. Also as we know exactly what trails you are going up, it ensures you can shred down the other side with confidence.


The new ‘Metric Shocks’ from RockShox with their new ‘Trunnion Mount’ offering more space in the front triangle. Advantage: more space for an even more sloping top tube due to the reduced height of the shock unit while offering the same travel.


Our enduro-bikes have a tougher life than any other category. Therefore it is clear that cables and hoses have no business being run outside the frame. Thanks to our super smart ‘Smart Entry’ technology even when the going gets rough everything – including the hose for the remote dropper post - stays where it belongs without rattling all the way down the track.


‘Boost’ standard front & rear. The extra 6mm rear hub spacing in comparison with conventional hubs brings the width up to 148 mm and gives the eONE-SIXTY wheels noticeably more stiffness and strength. No need to mention what they are capable of.


Plus-wide tyres offer loads and loads of up-hill traction, corner grip, puncture resistance and cushioning. In short: plus equals fun! No surprise that a primarily fun-orientated bike like the eONE-SIXTY rolls on the new tyre format.



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