Because every long day in the saddle has its ups and downs.

With its character closely related to the hugely versatile mid travel full suspension ONE-TWENTY, our 120mm full suspension Pedelec combines all the positive attributes of the human powered version with the leading electric mountain bike motors. Powered by the latest Shimano E8000 STePS motor with its off-road focused character and long lasting 500Wh battery the eONE-TWENTY turns trail surfing into an uphill discipline. With its mighty 650B+ tyres, Boost Standard wheels and agile confidence inspiring geometry (short 439mm chain stays and a long top tube) – our eONE-TWENTY is up for any challenge. All this makes the eONE-TWENTY the ideal partner for any Pedelec-fan who enjoys the ups as much as the downs.




On epic days out you need a super versatile bike which is ready for anything. That makes a dropper post an absolute must on the eONE-TWENTY. It goes without saying for MERIDA that we use internal routing for the remote via our ‘Smart Entry’.


6 mm more rear hub spacing: the eONE-TWENTY also benefits from the advantages of the ‘Boost 12x148’ standard with through axle. The shallower spoke angles make for a stiffer wheel. On top of that the chain line moves outwards – necessary to create short chain stays delivering top performance even in the most demanding conditions.


The new ‘Metric Shocks’ from RockShox with their new ‘Trunnion Mount’ offering more space in the front triangle. Advantage: more space for an even more sloping top tube due to a reduced height of the shock unit while offering the same travel.


With just 439mm short chain stays the eONE-TWENTY is blessed with super playful handling; at the same time the long reach in combination with a short stem and wide handlebars offer tons of control even in the trickiest situations.


Our ‘Smart Entry’ is far more than pure design: our technology gives the eONE-TWENTY perfect, rattle free internal cable routing and makes for a relaxed and (more importantly) reliable trail ride.


Bucket loads of traction – up as well as down. Doesn’t matter if it’s a tricky climb or a fast descent: the eONE-TWENTY benefits in any which way from the advantages of the 2.8 tyres of the Plus-format!



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