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MBR to test our ONE-SIXTY 5000

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MBR to test our ONE-SIXTY 5000

The MBR test crew included our all new ONE-SIXTY 5000 in the ‘Hottest Enduro Bikes’ test in the February issue of the magazine and not just liked the 5000, but gave it their ‘Test Winner’ approval.

Here a couple of quotes from this impressive test:

‘The Merida One-Sixty 5000 is a total blast for riding downhill fast, sending off jumps and shredding corners. In the right hands, we’re 100 per cent confident that it could easily win enduro races at the highest level.’


‘…one of the sweetest-riding, most capable enduro bikes we’ve tested, and comes highly recommended.’

Read the full test in the February issue of MBR or click here for the PDF download.

For further details of our ONE-SIXTY range please click here and for all the details of the tested ONE-SIXTY 5000 including geometry and features please click here.

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ONE-SIXTY 5000_MBR_feb2017_page96-97-FB.jpg