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The Scultura launch story in RIDE

scultura launch ride nov 2015.jpg

The Scultura launch story in RIDE

We took a bunch of journalists to the great little village of Alpi Liguri in Italy earlier this year to launch the NEW Scultura in the most perfect riding location and in close proximity to the Giro.

JohnDeering came along to represent RIDE and thoroughly enjoyed the time in the mountains but most importantly the NEW Scultura.

‘The Scultura ascends like a thoroughbred flyweight, accelerating smoothly through the olive grove hairpins, responsive to any changes in power and rigid when torque is sent shuddering downwards by a 90+ kg journo standing on the pedals and twisting the bars like a PS4 controller during a particularly stressful bout of Destiny.’

To read the full feature please grab issue 08 of RIDE from local news stand or download the PDF here.

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