Today’s trail bikes become more and more versatile, capable and fun to ride. What used to be the perfect bike for a ‘long day in the saddle’ is able to perform at the highest level on the most demanding trails today. The ONE-TWENTY is one of the most capable mid travel bikes the MERIDA full suspension range has ever seen, and the ONE-SIXTY enduro machine which was only introduced in 2017 not only won various tests and press accolades but also changed the perception of the MERIDA brand amongst trail and enduro riders.

After the successful introduction of the ONE-TWENTY (introducing ‘Float Link’ rear suspension) to the MERIDA line-up which was closely followed by the test winning ONE-SIXTY enduro machine, it was just a matter of time to close the gap between these two top performing bikes – welcome to the new ONE-FORTY.

ONE-FORTY - the latest addition to our float link equipped full suspension trail bike line-up and the perfect all day bike if you like your trails to be challenging. A brand new aluminium bike combining all the latest design thinking that can deal with far more than the 140 mm travel label suggests. Our super price aggressive trail weapon is more capable than a ONE-TWENTY but more agile than a ONE-SIXTY.

While taking lots of influences from the test winning ONE-SIXTY, it was important for us to have a noticeable difference to our enduro machine. The goal was to have a more playful bike than its bigger brother. For that reason, we reduced the wheelbase and steepened the head angle. However, we still maintained the attributes of a modern trail geometry. The rider sits more ‘within’ the bike, and all sizes feature the same short stem setup.

To avoid hitting obstacles with your cranks or bottom bracket while pedalling through rock gardens and more demanding trail sections, we have deliberately positioned the bottom bracket a little higher. This should avoid going over the handlebars because you got stuck on roots or rocks. However, the bottom bracket is still low enough for the rider to feel perfectly ‘centred’ within the bike and to keep cornering as surefooted as you would expect.


Float link suspension

The lower shock mount moves with the system to deliver plushness and pedalling efficiency. Our engineers can precisely influence the transmission ratio and progression, which means that a ‘Float Link’ system is very sensitive and delivers great support in mid-travel. It also gives the appearance of more than the 140 mm travel that the model name suggests.

modern trail bike geometry

The geometry of the brand new ONE-FORTY has taken lots of influence from its bigger brother, the ONE SIXTY, by mimicking the super short chainstays (435 mm) for a perfect balance between stability and playfulness on the trail. A long reach and low centre of gravity combined with a short stem and wide handlebar deliver fun packed, confidence inspiring handling.

Tyre clearance

The new ONE-FORTY has clearance for up to 2.6” wide tyres, allowing plenty of extra room to fit the right tyre for the track. Extra wide tyres deliver increased levels of grip and traction when the track gets rough and more demanding, significantly improving the overall handling and riding experience.

SMART entry

Cables, housings and brake hoses are clamped under tension to prevent rattling when the trail gets rough. All inlets are completely interchangeable to deal with Di2, hydraulic hoses, brake cable and gear cable housings, etc.

metric shock / trunnion mount

New trunnion mount shocks give our frame designers more flexibility by using a shorter shock with increased stroke. Combined with the ball bearing bushing of the upper trunnion mount, sensitivity is increased, and the suspension performance can be perfectly tuned.

1x drivetrain

Modern trail bikes are all about simplicity, durability and efficiency, and 1x drivetrains offer a huge gear range while remaining lightweight. Building our frame around a 1x specific setup allows us to keep chainstays short, adding to the agility and playfulness of the bike. Perfect for today’s demanding trails.