Novelties 2014MERIDA BIG.SEVEN


Like a cobra ready to attack: Especially in the design of the MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM, our new 27.5” model BIG.SEVEN presents itself as an ultimate highlight for racers and all hardtail fans within the 2014 MERIDA program. The BIG.SEVEN has been thoroughly tested by our elite MTB pros and has been developed together with them. This bike offers many advantages and features which position it as a genuine “stand-alone” solution between the well-established hardtails O.NINE and    BIG.NINE.

Generally, the new wheelset size of 27.5“ is an excellent recommendation for all those off-road riders who consider 29“ MTBs as e. g. too big, too sluggish or not agile enough but who want to enjoy the physical advantages offered by bigger wheel dimensions in comparison to 26” variants nevertheless. With its outer rim diameter of 584 mm, the so-called “650B” wheel dimension tends towards the 559 mm of a classic 26” version (+ 25 mm) while still going in the Twentyniner direction (662 mm; - 38 mm), too. Impressive result: Such 27.5” bikes delight with the great agility and manoeuvrability of smaller wheelsets but provide the improved rolling, traction and comfort characteristics of their bigger-wheeled MTB brothers as well.

However, our BIG.SEVEN is definitely much more than “just another” new 27.5” bike:
Besides all general advantages of this wheelset size, it offers a lot of unique technological highlights – developed by the experienced MERIDA engineers in close cooperation with the pro athletes of the MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM. Thus our BIG.SEVEN ranges among the most sophisticated hardtails of this new generation.

Right at very first sight, the downright clean look of our BIG.SEVEN fascinates the eye of the beholder. Besides the extravagant and edged frame shape, this bike’s unique appearance results primarily from two absolute novelties in MERIDA’s history:

All cables – the gear cable as well as the rear brake tube – are routed precisely inside the frame. On the other hand, the rear disc brake mount has been relocated into the frame triangle between seat and chain stay. The internal routing especially guarantees a consistently excellent and constantly reliable top-level performance which is not affected by outside influences such as water, mud or dust. The new position of the brake calliper extends the effective self-supporting length of the rear stays and therefore enhances their flex potential – a major postulate of the MERIDA elite bikers especially with regard to downhills which require riding out-of-saddle. This is also supported by the stay design: The less high but instead broader rear stay absorbs vertical shocks even better. This increased flex gets further support from the also re-designed connection between the seat stays and the seat tube: The now lower attachment position of the seat stays provides more free moving space for the section holding the seat post. In addition, the BIG.SEVEN’s rear stay features the well-proven “Bio Fiber Damping Compound” technology which absorbs vibrations optimally via natural flax fibres inside the carbon matrix.

Established MERIDA technologies such as the well-proven “Tapered Steerer” (increasing from 1 1/8“ at the top to 1.5“ at the bottom) for maximum head tube stiffness at lowest possible weight, the mighty BB30 bottom bracket for optimum pedal-power transfer or the robust thru-axle at the rear stay for increased stiffness and quick rear wheel mounting without drag represent the thoroughbred high-speed genes of our new BIG.SEVEN – not only as the working tool of the MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM.

In its premiere season, the MERIDA BIG.SEVEN is available in 21 exciting versions: From the superb starter model BIG.SEVEN 20, the sensational TFS variants with frame shapes manufactured by complex “Techno Forming System” processing and our amazing LITE series looking as attractive as the carbon frames up to the ultra-light pro edition BIG.SEVEN CF TEAM – for every new 27.5” MTB fan, MERIDA opens an individual way to the convincing new wheelset size.

Comfort saves power

MERIDA’s own in-house “Flex Stay” technology enables outstanding comfort data at the hardtail rearstay. This reduces the strain on the rider and therefore saves pedal power.

Tidy and immune

Internal cable routing does not only refine a bike’s look but guarantees also a top functionality very practically and for a long time via reduced outside influences.

Intelligent details

The BIG.SEVEN’s rear brake mount is positioned within the frame triangle. This improves the flexibility of the chain stay and thus the rearstay comfort.