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They tour internationally, are well-known on YouTube & Co. and fill the MERIDA video channel. And with their unbelievable versatility, they make sure that MERIDA is successfully able to demonstrate the brand’s performance potential also far beyond the borders of XC race courses. Under the roof of the MERIDA VELO TEAM, e. g. Pavel “The Cherry” Alekhin, Adrian Tell and Clemens Kaudela are gathered as Russia’s, Norway’s and Austria’s best dirt riders. These three dirt experts account for triumphs at such renowned contests like Vienna Air King, Red Bull Bergline or White Style Leogang. The trial specialist Dominik Raab has even won National Championship laurels and rocks his MERIDA on more than 100 show days a year. Besides the trial hero Danny MacAskill, the Austrian biker undoubtedly ranges among the most popular stars of the scene: His countless video projects around the world initiate new “aahs” and “oohs” again and again … Hannes Klausner and Tanja Hendrysiak favour a clearly longer suspension travel – albeit in the case of the team’s lady also extremely successful regarding 4X racing. These two MERIDA VELO members from Austria and Germany prove their preference for enduro and freeride missions especially as photo riders for catalogue or advertisement productions. In doing so, they show consistently that they are true lucky finds who underline the MERIDA VELO TEAM’s special significance for the brand.

But these six exceptional talents do not only guarantee pleasant athletic successes while they also embody the fact that MERIDA masters all those various MTB disciplines: As highly valuable feedback resources, our team riders support the competent (further) development of MERIDA bikes as well. This ensures that each MERIDA pilot all over the world can always rely on great material which has been developed and tested meticulously at a top level. Best example for the current model year: the HARDY PRO. Together with the contractual riders, our experienced R&D engineers were for example able to reduce the dirt bike’s weight, to revise the chain stays effectively or to create even more options for the individual fork setup (further HARDY PRO info on page 72) – very much to the delight of the team athletes who in return give thanks to these efforts with their outstanding performances.


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A team as colourful as the favourite outfits of its members:

Pavel Alekhin, Adrian Tell, Clemens Kaudela, Dominik Raab, Hannes Klausner and Tanja Hendrysiak are the six cornerstones of our MERIDA VELO TEAM. Together, these world-class riders combine the playful MTB disciplines Dirt, Slopestyle, Street Trial, Freeride, Downhill and Fourcross. On their MERIDA bikes, they are touring all around the globe.

„Our MERIDA VELO TEAM does not only prove that MERIDA masters a lot of variations of MTB riding: First of all, it is also a very important feedback source for our development processes.“

Reynaldo Ilagan, R&D Engineer MERIDA


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