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New faces and new equipment at Team Lampre-Merida

New faces and new equipment at Team Lampre-Merida

When Rui Costa presented the design of his new world champion jersey, TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA showed the official new team bike Reacto EVO as well. A close look at this bike reveals some new equipment partners such as Rotor and Prologo.

MERIDA has been working hard throughout the winter to adapt Rui Costa to his new working equipments. To give him a feel for the new bikes and fine-tune his position, evaluation runs on both the Reacto EVO and the time trial bike WarpTT were ridden on Montechiari’s covered track. As aerodynamics are becoming more and more decisive in professional road cycling, TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA has chosen the Reacto EVO as its standard equipment for the season 2014. «Our wind tunnel tests have shown that this frame saves up to 20 watts at 50kph – this is a difference that may be decisive in races. On top of that, the Reacto EVO is more than a fair match to our competitors’ frames, as recent tests have shown», MERIDA’s Head of Development Jürgen Falke explains. «For races on bad road surfaces and cobblestones, we continue to provide the team with Ride PRO frames that are built to provide and extra amount of vertical compliance, offering more comfort and better control.»

Rotor, Prologo and Garmin as new supplying partners
Measuring a rider’s performance in real time has become a must in professional cycling, and TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA has decided to start a co-operation with Rotor, with Rui Costa riding the radically ovalized Q-Rings of the Spanish brand as well. «Although the crank arms are made from aluminium and the bottom bracket spindle measures a massive 30mm in diameter, Rotor Cranks are surprisingly light-weight thanks to the intricate and virtuosic CNC machining», Jürgen Falke comments. «The stiffness of the system leaves nothing to be desired either, and on top of that Rotor Cranks allow for an independent analyses of the pedal stroke for the left and the right leg, respectively.» Garmin’s Edge series bike computers are used to display all relevant data, from speed to distance, ride time, temperature or cadence to the rider’s heart rate and power output. Another new partner of the team is Prologo: Apart from various saddles such as Costa’s Nago Evo with carbon rails and CPC anti-slip system, this manufacturer also supplies the handlebar tape of the team bikes.

Consistency regarding the other equipment
When it comes to change gears or slow down, TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA still opts for the electronic Di2 variety of Shimano’s top of the line road bike offering Dura Ace. When it comes to fast, precise and effortless gear changes, this groupset is regarded as a benchmark for good reasons. Fulcrum continues as the team’s wheel partner. Depending on the weather and the profile of the course, riders can choose from carbon rims with a depth of 35mm or 50mm for mass start races and 80mm or disc wheels for time trials. To match the wheels even better to the looks of the team bikes, Fulcrum has added some touches of fuchsia and MERIDA green to the rims. As for a number of other parts, the team has opted for consistency as well: The tires will be provided by Continental, the bottles and bottle holders by Elite, and thanks to SciCon’s travel boxes the team bikes are guaranteed to arrive at the most remote destinations without damages.

Helmets, shoes and bike wear in rainbow colours
The other supplying partners of TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA have been working hard on designs that incorporate the rainbow colours and the team’s signature in-your-face colours respectively. Champion System has given its Razor Carbon Jersey and bib tights a classic world champion design for Rui Costa, and Sidi provides the matching pair of cycling shoes. To top that off, both Kabuto and Salice have matching helmets and sports glasses. The regular team outfit for all the other riders of TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA sees some subtle changes for the second season for a more tidy appearance: The blue of the jersey has become a bit darker and dominates the torso while the fuchsia colour is well visible on the shoulders and side panels. Add to that MERIDA green touches on the cuffs and the torso. The bib tights are mostly dark blue with some green touches at the hems and a thin, curved fuchsia line.

Rotor’s press release announcing the cooperation with TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA: