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Strong time trial from Winner Anacona


Strong time trial from Winner Anacona

At the Vuelta a España, Winner Anacona continues to show strong performances: After the first rest day TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA's Colombian rider managed to defend his 4th place in the overall standing with a strong time trial.

By winning the ninth stage of the Vuelta a España Winner Anacona has ended a lengthy drought for TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA. After the first rest day the athletes were facing an individual time trial that proved to be tricky: Right after the start within the walls of an ancient monastery there was a tough category 3 climb. From there on, the 36.7 kilometre-long course featured an unrelenting up and down profile with many changes of direction on narrow roads that at times had a very bad surface.

Winner Anacona was the last rider of TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA to tackle the course and the fourth last rider to go on course. Due to the tough climb and the many changes of direction right after the start the Colombian opted for the REACTO EVO to cover the first part of the course. Only when he reached the summit of the category 3 climb he made a well-organised change to the WARP TT. Thus Winner Anacona got to use the strengths of both bicycles to his favour perfectly. He combined this with his great form to finish the stage in 15th, 1.45 minutes behind the day's winner Tony Martin.

In comparison to other overall contenders however Anacona managed to keep his time loss within narrow limits, thus defending his 4th place in the overall standings of the Vuelta a España. "Despite the rest day I felt very strong today. This time trial was all about hitting the many treacherous corners properly and to pace oneself carefully", Winner Anacona commented after the race. "Swapping bikes paid off for sure, and I'm happy that MERIDA provides us with the right bikes for each and every situation."

On Wednesday the riders at the Vuelta a España face another tough mountaintop finish. Winner Anacona intends to keep himself at the front of the group of favourites in order to defend his excellent position in the overall standings.