Shows you the way around the boards.
Or through the urban jungle.

This bike is not afrait to lead you around in circles – providing they’re made of wood and in an oval shape! Here we have our first ever track bike, which due to its clever construction is not just at home in the velodrome but equally in an urban environment facing the demanding fixie crowd. Based on the upgraded REACTO frame, the new TRACK version can withstand the most brutal pedal forces with ease and is UCI certified to prove it. Thanks to the huge amount of rear dropout adjustability the REACTO TRACK is perfectly designed to accept a broad range of chain ring sizes without the need to adjust the chain length. The almost carbon lookalike ‘One Piece Seat tube’ and the hidden fixing points on the carbon fork which allow the addition of a front brake make the REACTO TRACK a beautiful and versatile bike. We are very proud of our first track bike and we hope you will be too.



UCI certified

Not everybody goes this far: Right from the start the frame of our new REACTO TRACK comes UCI certified and therefor is ready to be raced – at any level.

One piece seattube

Perfectly designed for an impressive look: It is difficult to spot the tube-to-tube transitions of our new ‘One Piece Seattube’.

Highly adjustable rear dropouts

The adjustability of the horizontal dropouts on our REACTO TRACK is extra huge to allow a broad range of chain ring sizes to be used without the need to adjust the chain.

Aero tube profile

Speed is everything – that is also the credo for track bikes. Down and seat tube of our REACTO TRACK feature the ‘NACA Fastback’ tube profile which due to its truncated drop shape enables perfect airflow at the lowest possible weight.

Full carbon fork

Super light yet super strong. The full carbon fork of the REACTO TRACK comes ‘tapered headtube’ ready with 1 1/8" bearings at the top and 1.5" at the bottom for maximum performance and minimum weight. A special little extra on our track bike is the hidden fixing point for the front brake – so that our track demon can be turned into a stylish urban bike with ease.

23mm tyres

Comfort is not a huge priority if the surface is as smooth as you would find it in a velodrome. For that reason the REACTO TRACK comes equipped with fast rolling, super light 23mm tyres.


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