Your advantages 
at a glance

Structure Element

MERIDA carbon frames are ultra-resilient and as light as possible. This is enabled by the intelligent connection of the single segments via Tube-to-Tube technology or internal sleeve sockets – always optimum as required by individual load profile.

Carbon Fork

Rigid carbon front fork, in case of some models realized as full-carbon version. MERIDA carbon forks delight with outstanding vibration damping as well as with superb braking and lateral stiffness. Reliable steering and braking performance in every situation.



TFS - Techno Forming System

Characteristics such as low weight still grant aluminium a strong position in frame manufacturing. Modern 3D shapes can be created by the mechanical TFS moulding process. Material: Racelite 6061 aluminium.

HFS - Hydro Forming System

The mechanical TFS process works from the outside to the inside. In contrast, the complex Hydroforming concept shapes the frame by pushing hot oil under hydraulic high pressure from the inside to the outside. Material: Prolite 66 aluminium.

Racelite 6061 Aluminium

Superbly solid and light alloy known from the aerospace sector. MERIDA makes the aluminium subject to an additional heat treatment. Thanks to double-butted wall thicknesses ideal for the production of light and stiff frames.

Prolite 66 Triple Butted Aluminium

MERIDA’s premium alloy represents extremely durable and light aluminium of high-end quality. Triple-butted wall thicknesses result not only in exciting frame designs: First of all, they offer an optimum Stiffness-to-Weight (STW) ratio.

Shotgun 6061

The bottom side of MERIDA’s characteristic down tube features a specifically engineered twin profile. This enhances the bending and torsion stiffness perceptibly and measurably. Optimum solution especially for sporty aluminium bikes.

X-Taper Headtube

Externally butted headtube with a mighty 1.5“ steering bearing at the lower end and a weight-saving 1 1/8” steering bearing at the upper end; delivered with matching Taper Shaft fork. Results: Superb stiffness data and precise steering performance.

Smooth Welding

Besides top functionality, MERIDA frames also have to offer a convincing visual appearance. The second welding process during Smooth Welding evens the connecting welding seam – an elaborate concept for a brilliant look without compromises to stability.



K-Mount Drop-Out

Specifically designed brake disc dropout at aluminium frames with integrated mounting possibility for HEBIE rear stay kickstands. For optimum torsion stiffness also during tough braking – a perceptible safety plus!

Internal Cable

Elaborately shaped frame designs with special inlets and outlets for internally routed brake and/or shifter cables. “Clean” in a double sense: The bike looks uncluttered while the cables are protected effectively from moisture and dirt.


The suspension fork and/or the shock unit of your MERIDA bike can be locked directly by moving a lever. This provides an optimum setup e. g. for rides on bumpy surfaces or for powerful sprints – not only during steeper uphill passages!

Remote Lockout

The suspension fork and/or the shock unit of your MERIDA bike can be locked comfortably from the handlebar via remote lockout. An ideal feature especially for (racing) bikers who require super-fast switching between open and locked mode.

Thru Axle 12-142

This torsion-resistant thru axle with a diameter of 12 mm is used for broad 142 mm rear stays. It delights with perceptible increase of stiffness, tool-free wheel mounting and an always ideal brake rotor position.

Post Mount Disc

The friction-free alignment of the brake calliper is considerably eased by direct mounting of the post-mount calliper at the rear dropout. Adaptable to different brake disc sizes thanks to the utilization of differently dimensioned adapters.